Refurbished Handsets

Why choose a Refurbished Handset from Three?

First and foremost is because you can get a much better deal. Refurbished handsets from Three are phones that have been returned from retailers and customers either as unused stock or returned under their 14 Day Money Back Guarantee for some reason.

Often these handsets have never been used (remember under the terms of the 14 Day Money Back Guarantee, the customer must have not personalised the handset or used the phone to make calls/send texts etc). In any event, all refurbished handsets are checked, tested, repaired if necessary and are then sold at a lower price and with a full 12 month guarantee.

In fairness to everybody, Three dont sell these handsets as 'new', so you can often get a much better deal on a refurbished handset than a brand new one.

Refurbished Handsets

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