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Sony Ericsson Naite: So Simple and Green

David Munro | 1 November 2009

In an age of complex gadgets and endless applications, we were pleased to know of the Sony Ericsson Naiteís release. Bringing minimalism in design and user interface, the Sony Ericsson Naite is one of the hottest handsets in the mobile phone market.

You canít but admire the Sony Ericsson Naiteís design as it reminds you of the good old days. It takes you to a time when a phone was simple and straightforward to deal with. It travels back to an era where users didnít have to read manuals or join forums to figure out the features available in their mobile phones.

The clean design is available in two colours: red and silver. The durable body of the Sony Ericsson Naite is made from brushed aluminium and plastic. But wait, thereís more. The ultra-slim Sony Ericsson Naite comes with a twist: it is green friendly.

The plastic used in the Sony Ericsson Naite frame is made from recycled materials. As part of their promotion campaign, Sony Ericsson announced that by using the Sony Ericsson Naite you are cutting your carbon footprint by 15% in comparison with other handsets. Such a green manufacturing choice is part of the GreenHeart Programme led by the Sony Ericsson foundation.

You canít be 100% green without capturing photos of your favourite park or backyard. The Sony Ericsson Naite offers a good camera suitable for capturing those warm moments. The screenís rich presentation of colour is commendable and craved by users with a huge image library.

The Sony Ericsson Naiteís biggest attraction is its user interface. Who said you have to go through all sorts of trouble to reach a given application or setting. The Sony Ericsson Naiteís user interface is stripped to bare minimum. You will find the essentials you need in your work with less than 3 clicks.

To complete the package, the Sony Ericsson Naiteís keypad is roomy and generously spaced out for speed typing. You feel the difference with the Sony Ericsson Naite keys, as they provide quick, rapid feedback.

Are you crazy about music or video? The Sony Ericsson Naite brings you a basic music and video player to enjoy your audiovisual library. If you donít have a library, you can easily download music and games from the PlayNow Arena.

Staying connected is a priority in todayís world. You will find in the Sony Ericsson Naite everything you need to stay connected: a 3G HSDPA connection for faster browsing and downloading. You will love surfing the internet with such a connection.

If youíre worried about the battery life, donít even think about it. The simplicity of this handset extends its battery life exponentially. Even with heavy surfing and image viewing, you can expect to leave your handset in your pocket for days.

The Sony Ericsson Naite is exactly what the market needs at the moment. It shifts the focus back to functionality rather than fancy design gimmicks. The Sony Ericsson Naite is ideal for those with basic handset interaction and those craving simplicity and eco-friendly mobile solutions.

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