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Samsung R530: 3 Mobile Network’s Newest Feature-Packed Laptop

David Munro | 20 February 2010

We are delighted to announce the addition of the Samsung R530 to 3 Mobile Network’s free-laptop internet offers. 3 Mobile Network has taken the UK by storm with its portable internet features and free laptop giveaways. Available with the monthly subscriptions, the Samsung R530 is feature-packed laptop that appeals to modern users everywhere.

So what’s so special about the Samsung R530? From the moment you spot the Samsung R530 laptop, you will fall in love with its unique design. Available in black diamond or vibrant red gradient pattern, the Samsung R530 is not your average dull-looking laptop. Add to that, it falls in the lighter laptops category, making it easier for you to carry the Samsung R530 around when commuting or out with friends.

Are you sick and tired of those laptops with lousy keypads? The Samsung R530 is ready with 17-key numeric keypad to make your life easier. In fact, doing calculations, setting budgets, and preparing excel sheets will be easier than ever with those spacious keys you don’t find in other laptops.

Equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, the Samsung R530 is a top performer in every aspect. You won’t have to go through endless system restarts or screen freezes as the processor is powerful enough to keep all your applications up and running.

Are you looking to stay connected wherever you go? Samsung R530 answers your prayers with superb connectivity features. Using the built-in webcam and microphone, you’ll be able to chat with your friends abroad in any Wi-Fi hotspot without restrictions. Carry this ultra-portable laptop to your favourite cafe and start typing your messages away and you will not regret it.

Watching movies with Samsung R530 is an experience to remember. The vibrant 15.6” HD LED screen is built to make any movie jump with life, add to that the 16:9 aspect ratio mode embedded for optimum viewing pleasure. Sound playback is crystal clear thus creating the perfect bundle for a typical movie night at home.

Looking at the Samsung R530’s 15.6” HD LED screen, we were glad to find a vibrant, clear display both in dim settings and under direct sunlight. Equipped with a 16:9 aspect ratio mode, the Samsung R530’s video playback is outstanding. The colors are sharply contrasted offering a pleasant viewing experience.

So what comes with 3 Mobile Network’s offer? You will get a free Samsung R530 ready-to-use out of the box without any installation or start-up hassle. In addition, you will get a wireless USB dongle so you may surf the web anywhere with a 5 GB download limit.

To sum it up, we are delighted to come across this fantastic bundle. 3 Mobile Network’s choice to invest in Samsung R530 is definitely a wise decision. Users will love using the Samsung R530 wherever they go with its great features. We recommend this laptop bundle to casual web surfers with average download needs. People working on big financial projects will also love this laptop with spreadsheets and other financial systems.

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