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Nokia 2730: Sleek Candy Bar Curves Packed With Features

David Munro | 2 November 2009

We are pleased to announce the Nokia 2730’s arrival to the Three Mobile’s product line. The Nokia 2730 brings with its sleek candy bar curves an edge to the market. The minimalist design is complemented by a colorful list of features that make it a simple, clear cut solution for those looking for a balance between design and functionality.

If you’re looking for a light handset, the Nokia 2730 is so light you won’t even notice in it’s in your pocket. At 88 grams, the Nokia 2730 comes with a big bang as its packs on heat with its features and no-fluff user interface. The Nokia 2730’s colourful screen makes any image jump with life. Whether it’s a family portrait or a kitten on your lawn, the Nokia 2730 delivers quality you will absolutely love. If you like taking pictures, the 2730’s camera comes with a great interface that enables you to capture the moment without any trouble. The point and shoot system is what makes the Nokia 2730 easy to handle even for the most inexperienced users out there.

Navigating through the Nokia 2730’s is just like its minimalist design: simple and trouble-free. You can reach all features with no more than 3 button clicks. Couple that easy going interface we’ve just described with fast loading and great performance and you’ll have a clear image of what the Nokia 2730 is like.

When we say that the Nokia 2730 is sexy chic, we mean it down to the very last detail – including the keypad. The Nokia 2730’s keypad is stylish with its embossed silver separators that divide the button rows without harming the design’s appeal. The D-pad offers great feedback for you to navigate through the menus in mere seconds.

If you’re a multimedia fiend, you’ll be glad to know that the Nokia 2730 offers great audio and video playback. Uploading your mp3s and listening to them is an experience to remember with the easy syncing feature. From classical, rock, to pop and trance, the audio resonates with rich notes and crystal clear quality.

While listening to your favourite song, you’ll probably want to chat with friends using the Windows Live Messenger or even watch YouTube videos. With the Nokia 2730’s Flash Lite browser, you can view YouTube videos for hours while on the move. Whether you’re in your car, at home, or even in the office, the 3G technology helps you load and browse pages instantly. With the Nokia 2730’s connectivity basket, you’ll never feel alone, as you’re always connected.

With all those awesome features, you must feel worried about how long the battery will last. As expected, the Nokia 2730 is as proficient in power saving as it is in saving your time with its unique features. You can listen to music and chat with friends for hours and hours without having to worry about battery life.

Three Mobile’s newest member, the Nokia 2730, is a great handset for anyone who’s practical and on a budget. The Nokia 2730 comes with a competitive price tag that you wouldn’t find elsewhere on a handset with such features.

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