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LG GW520: The Hot Slider Phone with Feature Action

David Munro | 6 November 2009

We were pleased to take a look at LGís latest slider phone the LG GW520. Our experience with this handset came in light of months of anticipation and media hype surrounding the LG GW520ís release.

Begin your day by looking at the LG GW520ís colourful, chic minimalist design. Combining the curves of an iPhone and the colours of an INQ handset, the LG GW520 is contrasted against any surface. It lures you in with its simple design only to unravel a soothing aqua slider QWERTY keyboard. The LG GW520ís screen shines with its glossy feel that delivers quality and colour with superb efficiency and power saving.

If the QWERTY keyboard isnít enough for you, maybe itís time for you to try out the touchscreenís online alphanumeric keypad. Utilizing a straightforward, highly-optimized user interface, you can type in your emails and messages comfortably. The touchscreen is as simple as 1, 2, 3 to use; you can easily rotate your phone to switch the displayís orientation for the maximum browsing experience.

You canít possibly update your Facebook profile without some fresh photos. Just point and shoot wherever you are for the LG GW520ís camera is there to capture the best moments. You donít have to worry about a photo being too dark, just tweak its brightness levels on the spot and youíre ready to share it with friends.

We cannot talk of the LG GW520 without mentioning its neat flash user interface. Jumping from one menu to the next has never been cooler with the LG GW520ís transition effects and animations. The widget-based homescreen is modern and equipped with the best widgets to keep you efficient and entertained.

Who can speak of entertainment without mentioning the LG GW520ís audio and video playback? While it is no Walkman, the LG GW520 puts on a decent show for anyone in need of hours of solid entertainment. Play your favourite music in the background while you work or text your friends or watch a video of your favourite standup comedian delivering jokes in stereo live audio.

Staying connected is LG GW520ís forte. The 3G HSDPA, A2DP Bluetooth, and USB make this handset a connectivity factory. Type in emailís your username and password and leave the rest to the LG GW520. Load complex pages in a jiffy with the aid of the 7.2 Mbps HSDPA connection and take your time browsing the internet with a battery life that lives up to your expectations. Running multiple applications on the LG GW520 is not trouble performance-wise or battery-wise, the designers of the LG GW520 have taken into consideration the multi-tasking nature of the modern user.

We canít but feel love for the LG GW520ís features and compact design. Anyone serious about handset performance and features will find the LG GW520 a top choice. The LG GW520 is designed to complement every lifestyle. The price tag is worth its value for the LG GW520 delivers and continues to serve users worldwide with amazing speed and durability.

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