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INQ Mini 3G: High-tech Smartphone With a Design Twist

David Munro | 1 November 2009

We are pleased to announce the INQ Mini 3G is now available through Three Mobile. The candy bar smartphone has turned heads internationally with its vibrant design and great features at an awesome price point.

The INQ Mini 3G looks like an item pulled out of a modern designer’s closet. Its vibrant red back plate and glossy plastic frame look give off a friendly vibe that you simply can’t resist. The display boosts the modern vibe with its rich colours and high brightness. When given a test tryout, the LCD screen’s performance is stellar both indoors in modest lighting background and outdoors in direct sunlight.

If you’re anticipating a fun package, you’ve got that right. The INQ Mini 3G comes with great visual enhancements and social networking integration. The user interface includes a bottom icon dock that you can easily navigate through. With the INQ Mini 3G, you’ll become a social butterfly. We loved the home screen’s display of recent tweets and messages, as it saves time and efforts for us. Whether you’re checking your Facebook messages, calling work using Skype, or tweeting friends on tonight’s plans, the INQ Mini 3G does not disappoint!

While no one can dispute the great social networking integration available in the INQ Mini 3G, INQ’s choice of keypad design has been the centre of debate on user forums and websites. Do we love the merged 3-row keypad? Surprisingly, we do! Online QWERTY keyboards, like the one on the iPhones line, are a dime a dozen and aren’t always the best choice. Many touch screens do not have reliable accuracy and you’ll find yourself clicking on a different letter by mistake.

Who can be on Facebook these days without uploading decent photos? The INQ Mini 3G’s camera is built for social butterflies. You can easily shoot photos and videos with decent quality.

We love to listen to music while we’re tweeting and replying to Facebook wall comments. The INQ Mini 3G brings good sound quality and video playback. It supports an average music library like ours without any trouble.

INQ Mini 3G was named after its 3G integration. As light as it is, it is heavy on the connectivity side. Expect to download videos and music on the 3G HSDPA network and watch them all day long. Worrying about data transfer of downloads to other mobile phones and your laptop is a thing of the past with Bluetooth and USB port.

The INQ Mini 3G is a great bundle for anyone on the move. You can leave the mobile phone on your desk for four days casually receiving calls or messages. When busy, the mobile phone will need to be charged every 2 days – a great duration for anyone not wanting to carry a charger around.

To sum it up, Three Mobile’s choice to include the INQ Mini 3G in its line is a wise one. In the age of social networking, such a handset is indispensable. Its great performance and features come at an affordable price that Three Mobile offers to its customers.

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