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HTC Hero: The Excellent Android phone now on Three!

David Munro | 5 November 2009

Another major coup from Three with the addition of the HTC Hero to their already excellent mobile range.

When we knew we’ll be getting our hands on a HTC Hero, we were very excited. As the HTC Magic had a huge promise, we expected the HTC Hero to be even better.

The HTC Hero is a rocket with its performance, a masterpiece with its design. The sleek curves of the HTC Hero are complemented with a smudge-free touchscreen and tactile function buttons. The no-fingerprint case and display eliminate the need for constant wiping and cleaning to maximize efficiency and viewing.

If you love colours, you’ll love the HTC Hero’s 3.2-inch touchscreen. The colours jump out on you filled with pulsing warmth. The high pixel density makes the HTC Hero ideal for photo and video viewing. Throw in with such quality the capacitive screen’s multi-touch feature where you can pinch the screen to rotate and zoom.

If you’re in love with widgets, the HTC Hero brings you cool, customizable widgets on the main home screen. Do you hate seeing the calendar widget on weekends? Do you want to banish the Twitter widget on a busy Monday? The HTC Hero’s widgets can be customized according to certain days in the week.

The simplicity of the HTC Hero’s user interface is the main reason why people love it so much. You won’t have to go through infinite system crashes, lags, and glitches; the HTC Hero’s Android platform is as reliable and creatively simple as it can be.

Do you want to type in a quick message? Let the on-screen QWERTY keyboard’s predictive text help you out. Why should you spend extra minutes figuring out what to write, HTC Hero appreciates your time.

The HTC Hero couldn’t be complete without a killer multimedia foundation. The simple point and shoot camera is great for capturing photos everywhere. The HTC Hero’s camera is ideal for outdoor photos. You can easily take a hike while listening to the HTC Hero’s warm, clear music or record a video of squirrel in the park. With HTC Hero, you choose and the handset delivers.

No photo is complete nowadays without Facebook comments. Connect to the internet over Wi-Fi or the rapid 3G HSDPA. Browse through Google Maps for your destination’s address or sync files with your laptop using the simple drag n’ drop interface.

You can count on the HTC Hero to bring battery power whenever you need. You don’t have to worry about draining the battery even with heavy Wi-Fi surfing or Bluetooth transfers.

The HTC Hero is worth every penny. It brings one of the best user interfaces to the light built-in with boutique features that keep you entertained for hours. Who wouldn’t love having it all in one handset? This is it, the HTC Hero is one of the industry’s best kept secrets – as not many users know what they’re missing out on.

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