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Dell Mini 1012: 3 Mobile Network’s Hottest HD-Ready Netbook

David Munro | 1 March 2010

We are delighted to announce the addition of the Dell Mini 1012 to 3 Mobile Network’s netbook line. As a replacement for the popular Samsung N130 and coming as part of the free laptop deal with every mobile broadband subscription, the Dell Mini 1012 will steal the limelight in every room with its awesome HD movie playback.

All netbook users had to settle for less-than-perfect video playback at some point. The Dell Mini 1012 was designed with this concession in mind; users should not compromise losing quality for portability and size.

Powered with an Intel Atom processor, the Dell Mini 1012 delivers impeccable performance at all times. Whether you’re watching a movie, surfing the internet, downloading files, or responding to an email, the Dell Mini 1012 has got your back – no more screen freezes and system reboots.

Users who are constantly on the move will be glad to know that the Dell Mini 1012 netbook is performer both indoors and outdoors. The Dell Mini 1012’s screen provides optimum brightness and sharpness under direct sunlight to facilitate work in parks, cafes, or pool side.

The Dell Mini 1012 couldn’t be complete without a decent storage capacity. Ready with 160 GB of storage space, the Dell Mini 1012 enables you to download movies nonstop. You will be glad to keep movies you’ve watched for future swaps or playback.

Are you tired of those small trackpads that drive you crazy? The Dell Mini 1012’s trackpad is a web surfer’s dream: spacious, user-friendly, and responsive. You won’t have to suffer while surfing endless pages or following links on your Facebook profile. This brings us to those noisy keys that annoy average netbook users. The Dell Mini 1012’s noise-free keys are ideal for you to type the night away without waking up the neighbourhood.

You must be thinking about battery life looking at all those awesome features. We are happy to put your mind at rest; the Dell Mini 1012’s battery life is more than enough to watch two movies, chat with friends, and read news on the web.

There’s more fun with the Dell Mini 1012. Using your 1.3 megapixel webcam, you will be able to record funny clips, post videos on YouTube, and chat with friends. Are you anxious to get your hands all over Dell Mini 1012? 3 Mobile Network brings you this awesome netbook free of charge with every 3 Mobile Broadband 1 GB plan. Not only will you be able to save around £279 on this netbook, you will get a fantastic internet package starting from £17.50 a month at 7.2Mbps of speed and 1 GB download limit.What’s even better is that you won’t have to worry about the coverage as 3 Mobile Network currently covers 91% of the UK.

We are in constant admiration of 3 Mobile Network’s netbook line. We absolutely love their choices in free netbooks for users. Overall, we recommend this package of a free Dell Mini 1012 and 1 GB internet package to those looking to web surf, watch online clips, and connect with family and friends.

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