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Compaq Mini 311: Meet Three's Newest Laptop Offering

David Munro | 2 December 2009

It’s time we meet the latest addition to the Three Network’s netbook line: the Compaq Mini 311. We are glad to announce such news, as the the Compaq Mini 311 is a great option for any casual or corporate user.

From the moment our eyes met the Compaq Mini 311, we were dazzled with classic HP design. Its elegance lies in its minimalist approach to every detail, simply radiant in black and silver and adorned with HP’s most loved swirl pattern. The curved silver deck complements the Compaq Mini 311’s stylish look.

Taking a side view of the Compaq Mini 311, we feel our heart leap with joy. The 1” ultra-thin frame makes the Compaq Mini 311 simply irresistible for packing and carrying around all around town whether you’re running some errands, commuting, or simply relaxing in the park.

So what can you do with a superb screen? Watching movies, surfing the web, or working on a due report for work are just as entertaining with the Compaq Mini 311. Your eyes will love the large 11-inch screen that you can rarely find on a netbook.

Don’t expect to use one of the odd-spaced netbook keyboards! The Compaq Mini 311 surprised us with its snug keyboard that hugs your palm and fingers enough for you to type with speed and accuracy.

If you’re looking for performance, the Compaq Mini 311 does not disappoint. Try overloading your Compaq Mini 311 with your favourite applications – no matter how consuming. The age of smooth multitasking belongs to the Compaq Mini 311. The Intel Atom Processor is there to boost your netbook experience to the max. Not to mention, a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card is there to enhance your viewing and surfing experience be it watching a movie or simply playing a flash game online.

Do you want to stay connected 24/7? The Compaq Mini 311’s Wi-Fi connection is there for you to chat and receive emails round the clock no matter where you are. Whether you’re in the airport waiting to board or in a café sipping coffee, you’ll find that sharing files is Compaq Mini 311’s forte. The built-in webcam is ideal for those looking for video conferencing solutions.

Worried about battery life with this multimedia fiend? Afraid the Compaq Mini 311’s stunning performance will eat up your power in a few hours? Rest assured! The Compaq Mini 311is one of the few netbooks out there with great power saving features. Currently marketed as an Energy Star netbook, the Compaq Mini 311 works smoothly without AC power even with hours of Wi-Fi surfing.

So what comes in the box? You will find the Compaq Mini 311, user manual, power cables, and 3 USB modem. The Compaq Mini 311 works out of the box and does not burden you with complex setup procedures.

To sum it up, the Compaq Mini 311is yet another smart choice in Three Network’s product line. Users will love using the Compaq Mini 311 for its performance and carrying it around for its ultra-thin compact frame. If you’re looking for great value at an affordable rate, don’t look further, the Compaq Mini 311 is the netbook you’ve been looking for.

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