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3 Skypephone S2x: The Only Phone Where Every Minute Counts

David Munro | 19 December 2009

News of Three Mobile Network’s latest Skypephone, the 3 Skypephone S2x has just reached us. Like its predecessor, the 3 Skypephone S2x enables 3 Mobile users to make free calls using Skype.

Have you seen the new 3 Skypephone S2x? It may look vintage but it packs high-tech allure inside. Built for maximum durability, the 3 Skypephone S2x is your buddy whether you’re rock climbing, playing basketball, or going on a hike. You don’t have to worry about it falling to the ground, as the 3 Skypephone S2x won’t let you down.

An adventurer must be able to read his text message even under the dessert sun. For that, the 3 Skypephone S2x sports a 2.2-inch reflection-resistant screen. You won’t have trouble texting or viewing images, as the colours will remain as bright and beautifully contrasted.

You don’t have the time to go through endless menus! We know the feeling of having to stop a walk simply because you can’t switch the current music track you’re playing. Or perhaps you’re trying to find the calendar only to have to navigate through 7 menus. The 3 Skypephone S2x offers you simplicity to match your active lifestyle. The organized user interface enables you access your application in the speed of light.

Do you hate phones where you can’t find the call or end call buttons? Take a look at the 3 Skypephone S2x, you can’t miss the green and red colours denoting these important keys. As simple as this addition is, it makes wonders when you’re in a hurry.

Did someone just comment on your Facebook status? How did you know instantly? It’s the 3 Skypephone S2x’s speciality as you’ll always be up to date. Using the new improved 3G connection, you’ll able to surf the internet with speed.

Are you out jogging in the neighborhood? Listen to your favourite tracks from your music collection. You can easily sync with your computer to load tracks without having to worry about storage space.

The main attraction with the 3 Skypephone S2x is of course: Skype. Are you tired of those expensive international calls to your loved ones? Why not call them every day free of charge? You can even send them instant messages for free. If they’re on Skype, you can call them through your phone book.

With all the action around you, you must feel overwhelmed. The 3 Skypephone S2x will not add to your stress by running out of battery life. It comes with extended battery life to support your lifestyle. Why should you worry about charging your handset every day?

Three Mobile Network’s latest member the 3 Skypephone S2x is a must-have. Available both in the Pay Monthly and Pay as You Go plans, the 3 Skypephone S2x is flexible and affordable. You’ll love the performance of this handset as it gives you value for your money, durability, and reliability no matter where you are.

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