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Mix and Match Price Plans from 3

Have you ever had your eye on your dream mobile, only to discover that it is only available if you purchase the mobile company fixed price plan? If this sounds familiar to you then you may want to look into the new 3 UK Mix and Match Price Plans. This price plan that is offered to 3’s customers allows for flexibility and convenience as well as big savings.

Please Note: Three's Mix and Match plans have now been replaced by Three's Internet Talker Plans, as follows:

Often mobile companies will require you to purchase the fixed price plan for the mobile that you want, only to find that the plan does not offer enough text and too much talking time, or not enough talking time and too many texts. With the new 3 Mix & Match price plans you will no longer be locked into a plan, instead you will be able to pick a price plan that is suitable to your needs and is appealing to you. With the 3 Mix & Match tariffs you will only pay for what you need. The tariffs offer a range of prices, minutes and texts that are flexible and offer an allowance that you can use for minutes or texts.

The 3 Mix & Match Tariffs range from £15 a month to £27 a month. With the £15 a month plan you receive 300 anytime any network minutes or texts, the £18 a month plan you receive 500 anytime any network minutes or texts, £21 a month plan offers 700 anytime any network minutes or texts, £24 a month plan offers 900 anytime any network minutes or texts, and the £27 a month plan offers 1100 anytime any network minutes or texts. All tariffs offer 300 3 to 3 minutes as well as free voicemail, free instant messaging and free Skype.

The way the 3 Mix & Match price plan works, is the customer chooses the plan they need, mixing minutes and texts, then they choose the mobile they want. The Mix & Match plans also allows customers to keep in touch with friends through online services such as Skype, Live Windows Messenger or Yahoo Messenger. All these services are offered to 3 customers free of charge.

So if you are looking for a flexible price plan that you are able to choose the text and minutes that are suitable for your needs, then you may want to consider looking into the new 3 Mix & Match Tariffs.

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