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“Welcome To Our Network”, is the slogan that 3 Mobile has adopted and with this slogan, and the many attractive features that the network offers, over 4 million customers in the United Kingdom are now on its network. 3 Mobile is considered to be one of the fastest growing mobile phone networks currently in the UK. This mobile phone network is considered to be one of the newer members to the market, and has proven successful. Through several TV adverts, print and radio advertising 3 Mobile has managed to establish itself in the UK by becoming the largest network of 3G subscribers. 3 Mobile has become well known due to its flexible price plans as well as the many mobile phone features that 3 Mobile offers to its customers.

Over the past few years 3 Mobile has offered its customers many products and plans, such as the X-Series feature that allowed 3 Mobile network customers to access the Internet via a Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS). This feature allowed the customers of 3 Mobile to use Skype, or other major messaging services such as Yahoo Messenger or Microsoft Instant Messenger. The X-Series feature also allowed the customers of 3 Mobile to access their home PC remotely with their mobile. Another feature offered by 3 Mobile is the SeeMe TV feature that allows customers to submit videos and allow other subscribers to watch the videos. The subscribers who then want to watch the video are charged a small fee that varies with each video creator.

3 Mobile has recently launched a new price plan for their customers that allows them to choose a price plan that suits their needs along with a phone that suits their taste. Typically mobile phone networks require you to purchase a set calling plan for a particular phone, however with 3 Mobile’s new Mix & Match Tariff customers are able to choose any mobile phone they want with one of the five tariffs that are offered by 3 Mobile. All five tariffs offer customers 300 3 to 3 minutes as well as free voicemail, free instant messaging and free Skype.

3 Mobile UK has been striving to be one of the top mobile phone networks in the UK to offer its customers the latest mobile technology. So far they have been doing their part by introducing new mobile features into the market, and intend on continuing this trend by offering its customers some of the most advanced mobile technology products on the market.

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